Sarah, who blogs at My New Roots posted this recipe awhile back for a bread made with psyllium husk.  Which I saw about a million times on Pinterest.  She titled it ‘The life-changing loaf of bread”, so after checking it out I tried a rough version of her recipe.  The bread was totally gluten-free and made without flour, and super dense.  I’m not a huge fan of psyllium but I was intrigued by her use of it as a binder.  So I made the bread and it was everything she promised it to be, life-changing.  Well, kinda.  While it was super delicious and nutty, it was so rich and tasty I couldn’t stop eating it.  Fresh baked bread from the oven with a pat of coconut oil?  Yum.  I decided though that I probably wouldn’t make it again just because it didn’t last long in our 2 person house.  However, the idea of using psyllium as a binder stuck in my head and I’ve gone through a few different variations of her bread in my notebook using zucchini or carrot to lighten it up a bit.  Though I never made any of them.  Till now.  And it’s not bread.  I decided to try her binder method for a veggie burger patty made with carrot pulp.





But here’s the lame part.  I have my recipe, and I tried it- look, pictures.  Before baking, John and I were crazy hungry so we decided we should just fry up a couple of the patties and have a quick burger before we bake them and freeze.  Well, while they were tasty, they needed something more in there, they were just too soft.  Don’t worry though, we ate them.





I figured they would firm up after a quick bake and I could review them again at that point.  No such luck.  I forgot about them in the oven and they are now very, very firm.  Rock hard.  Anyways, Ill try this recipe again sometime when I am smart enough to use an alarm. But, if you approach this method with the psyllium, let me know how it went!


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