Ever since we got our juicer going again, I’ve been throwing carrot juice pulp in everything.  I used it in carrot cake and veggie burgers.  Most of the time though, if I want something quick I’ll grab some carrot pulp and saute it with greens, beans or some other vegetables.


Lately though, I’ve been really feeling leeks, as seen here.  They’re just so goddamn tasty!  They add so much flavor like onion or garlic, but their taste a lot more mellow.  Almost buttery when cooked.  Or maybe that’s because I cook mine in coconut oil :)..


Anyways, there’s no need for a recipe for this one.  I fried the tofu until browned on each side, and set it aside while I chopped my leeks.  I then dusted them in corn starch and fried them up as well!  Corn starch, though it might not be the healthiest of foods, does wonders for making stuff crispy.  I wanted crispy leeks, and I’m glad I went for it.  Though they look burnt in the pictures, they tasted magical.  The carrot pulp was simply sautéed with crimini mushrooms in some Braggs and coconut oil, with cumin seed.  I love cumin seed.


All together this was a super satisfying dish, filling but light.  This would be equally tasty wrapped up in a tortilla as a taco or burrito.

Bye for now!



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