So remember when I made this raw parsnip salad.  I made it to bring to Big Bear in the case that there might not be many vegan options.  I was wrong, by the way.  No thanks to you, Happy Cow.  After a grueling morning of driving in LOTS of traffic, hungover and hungry we finally made it to our hotel the Northwoods Resort.  More about that place later.  When we got there they let us know that check in was at 4pm, and the earliest MIGHT be 2pm so we booked it on over to the Ski Haus (awesome place) where we rented our equipment.  The couple that run the place are so nice and I even found these awesome sunglasses for my friends adorable baby. IMG_5709

Anyways, it was my birthday so we got our stuff and swung by 711 on our way up to the mountain for some cutlery and chips.  They were kind enough to give us two hot dog containers and forks that we could eat out of, and I also snagged some pickled jalapeños and onions.  It ended up being a really good balance between healthy and not so healthy.  The raw parsnip salad was filling but light and the chips were just tasty in that moment of hangover hell.


Our trip was awesome and we were able to find vegan eats at the Himalayan Restaurant and the Thai restaurant.  Not to mention a few we didn’t get to eat at: a couple mexican restaurants where something surely would’ve been available, a japanese restaurant and chinese restaurant.  The Himalayan food was the best that we ate and there was a bar where we were able to play pool with shots of Jager (don’t worry, we sip) to calm our tummies.  If you hate Jager keep it to yourself, that stuff is seriously good for digestion and stomach aches.

Anyways here are a couple pictures from our trip.




We were able to munch on that delicious cheese that I posted here, along with some Chandon that John boy surprised me with and it was quite a delicious spread.  I was sure to taste the Kite Hill cheese with the sparkling wine before I included any jalapeño raw crackers.  Also delicious but a little over powering in this case.IMG_5726So the drive back ended up being much less painful than the ride out there.  We made a couple of stops: Oxnard to see the skatepark, and the camarillo outlets (we forgot our pillows).  We weren’t able to eat all of the parsnip salad but in a pinch I sautéed it with some pasilla peppers, onions, cilantro and zucchini and it was AMAZING.  So tasty.  I also added chili flake and cumin seeds (love), and it tasted like taco meat filling!  Like taco bell or something terrible for you.



So now Im going to attempt a taco filling with parsnips, because this was too good to not recreate.  I served it with 1/4 avocado and fried tofu for both john and I.  We both loved it so much and were bummed there wasn’t more to grub on.


Oh yeah, and about that hotel.  We got this through a Groupon and the room was really nice!  There was a fireplace and a good amount of room where John busted out some yoga.  However, their service is seriously shoddy.  When we got to the room we checked the pillows to see if they were hypoallergenic (johns super allergic to everything) and we had one that worked and 3 made with down.  I called 3 times to get some john friendly (and vegan friendly for that matter, though it wasn’t part of my MO) pillows and after the third call they said they didn’t have any extras.  That may have been true, but I wish they- In a mostly empty hotel (I’m talking ghost time out there)-would’ve just checked a vacant room to see if we could swap em out.  There was an identical incident when we requested an extra blanket.  After too many calls I finally went down and asked them at the desk and they were able to get one in about a minute.


Don’t get me wrong, it was a nice place and everyone was friendly but just not that helpful.

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