Ive been obsessed with ‘stacked’ foods and veggie tartars for quite sometime now, especially with the idea of a raw vegetable tartar.  Though I’ve never taken any measures to actually make one, i’ve played out what vegetables or fruits I would combine over and over again in my head.  Watermelon and tomato is one idea I would still like to try out, as is a marinated zucchini rendition.  Maybe I will actually get around to making one of those recipes and posting it here, but lately Ive had another idea in mind: raw sous vide mushrooms with avocado.  But im going to be honest:  I dont really know what sous vide-ing actually entails, so I’m just gonna be straight and call them marinated mushrooms.. sigh.




Mushrooms are absolutely one of my favorite foods ever and when people tell me they dont like them it upsets me.  Ill get pretty mad and try to convince them otherwise.  Luckily, between John and myself there really isnt much we dont like and are pretty mellow eaters.  Until we go to a restaurant and have to explain that I’m vegan, he’s vegetarian AND gluten free and were gonna have to make many alterations to the menu.  I consider myself lucky to have found a partner that enjoys eating so much of the same food I do. As I said earlier, finicky eaters piss me off and it really puts a damper on a meal but  I bet all of our friends think of us the same way.



This really doesnt have anything to do with my tartar.



Anyways, I wanted to make a nice ‘fancy’ food for John and I to enjoy, which I usually do  on the days we have off together.  This was actually the appetizer to my raw lasagna I posted earlier.  While the tartar and the lasagna was sort of an odd pair, it didnt bother us a bit.   However, if your serving this for others I might suggest choosing another option rather than the lasagna.




For my pretend ‘sous vide’ I just diced my crimini mushrooms and put them in a plastic bag with some truffle oil (i loveee truffle oil/salt/anything), salt and spices.  I rolled the bag until all of the air was out and massaged the mushrooms through the bag.  This is a great way to break veggies down and marinate them so they seem slightly cooked but maintain all of the goodness in a raw vegetable.  I considered filling a bowl with hot water and putting the bag of mushrooms in the bowl to further facilitate ‘cooking’ but my lazy self didnt feel like it.


to marinate the mushrooms


  • 1/2 c. finely chopped mushrooms
  • drizzle truffle oil
  • 1 t. seasoning solute
  • 1 t. salt
  • 1 t. apple cider vinegar
  • dash of chili flake

For the cashew cream

  • 1/2 c. soaked cashews
  • dash of salt


for the tartar

  • marinated mushroom mixture
  • 1 avocado, diced





Now it was time for me to prepare the rest of my ‘tartar’.  I diced my avocado, blended my cashew cream and prepared my crackers for serving.



Using a spoon I transferred my tartar mixture into a round mold and with the back of my spoon carefully packed in the mix of avocado and mushrooms.  You want everything to be pretty firmly packed in, and I wouldnt worry about mushing anything because the mushrooms are raw and will hold their shape just fine.  At this point I had a lot of juice leaking out from the bottom of my mold and I just used a paper towel to sop it up.  I carefully lifted the mold, drizzled with cashew cream and put raw crackers around the plate to serve.  The raw crackers we used are the same ones from this post.  Though this time we just had the onion flavor.  These crackers are awesome and we rarely end up eating them with other food.  They are so good on there own that we usually just end up snacking on them plain.



You will definitely have some extra cashew cream left over, which is a good thing.  Add it to salad dressings to make them creamy, pasta or drizzled over roasted vegetables.  It wont be bad, only delicious.




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