By the time your reading this I’ll be in Big Bear livin’ it up and playing in the snow.  Were going skiing/snowboarding for my birthday. I posted before about the parsnip salad I made to take the the snow (since they don’t have many vegan options in town) and we will also be bringing a lot of other food from home as well.  Avocados, cooked rice, lettuce + salad dressing and a few apples are on the list.  Oh yeah, a bottle of Carina Cullers 7% (suh good) along with a few coronas!  I also wanted fun delicious food, so I picked these up for our trip as well.




I had seen these raw cream pies/cheesecakes for a long time in stores before I ever decided to pick one up.  One of my co-workers is super into these desserts so after she went nuts about them I figured I had to try one.  Glad I did, they are awesome.  I’ve had the cherry and raspberry flavors and didn’t really want to try chocolate.  So I got carob coconut.  Haven’t had it yet, so ill have to update about how delicious it was.


IMG_5698This cheese from Kite hill is awesome!! They are made out of nuts and super creamy. I want to share these with every cheese fan I know because though my memory may fail me, I’m pretty sure this tastes exactly like brie.  Its kinda weird.  Were gonna have em with raw jalapeño crackers, pictured below.






If you see these ‘flat breads’ pick em up, they are relatively cheap for a dehydrated “bread” and super awesome.  Haven’t tried jalapeño yet, but I have high expectations.


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