So the other day John and I went to lunch at a new (to me) food place here in Santa Barbara- Miso Hungry.  How bad is that name?  Oof.  I call it a food place because it’s not a restaurant, and I don’t want to call it fast food but it’s set up like a Subway.  I love subway, salads with a bunch of mustard, pickles, and jalapeños?  Yes please!


This is my bowl: veggie bowl with tofu, tons of yum.

Anyway, this place is pretty good, you get mostly healthy food that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.  I live in downtown Santa Barbara and there aren’t a whole lot of vegan options.  I always end up eating the same thing at the same places.. it gets old.  Lucky for me, I work at one of the few places that caters to a vegan diet and I get half off of my food!  Yay.


John got the spicy tofu quinoa bowl. While it was good, we agreed mine was better.

Ok, so the veggie bowl from miso hungry is totally vegan if you leave off the aioli.  They also had a quinoa bowl that was vegan without the aioli.  You get a choice of brown or white rice and greens (we love arugula) and then a buncha veggies on top.  And tofu which I adore.  Soy haters beware, I love the bean and it will be on here regularly!


Here’s an extra picture of John eating his food just because he’s cute

And because I really wanna go out and do something (it’s my day off!) I leave you with these cute pictures of Jelly.  This picture of her on a skateboard probably melted John’s heart.  He most likely loves skateboarding more than her because she’s such a trouble maker, but the two combined, now that’s special.





these are Jelly’s little paws when we made her lay upside-down in bed.  Not one for geniality, she put the kabosh on this fun pretty quickly.  However, she was very cute and I think she appreciated the belly rubs.



Lastly, I leave you with a picture I have a million times on my iPhoto, Jelly teeth!  Cat teeth are a beautiful thing, I imagine a world where there are tiny braces for these little tiny teeth.  They seem useless, which makes it all the more magical.



bye for now!


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