Hello internet!  I’m super excited because after a lovely trip to Costco, John and I the proud parents of two new household appliances!  We got a Jack LaLane juicer and a rice cooker/steamer/SLOW COOKER!  The slow cooker really sold me- no more cooking my jackfruit taco ‘meat’ on the stove for hours at a time!  Now I can just leave it and walk away, maybe even do something productive!



John and I used to be really into juicing back when we were (I was) all about the raw foods.  But the juicer we had was a shoddy little hand me down and it was more work than it was worth.  Fast-forward a few years later and were sick of buying our juice so we headed out to Kmart with the intentions of finding one for a hundo or less, but decided we should see Costcos prices first.  This bad boy was 79.99 (before tax) and then we spotted the rice cooker and sprang for that as well!  The rice cooker was only 30 brutal which was way cheaper than the ones I saw that were comprebable at Target awhile ago.

Anyways, once we came home we had to make juice!


  • Each of our juices contained:
  • 6 carrots
  • half a head of romaine
  • half a lime
  • handful of cilantro
  • handful of spinach
  • half a pear

they were quite tasty and we got A LOT of the same produce so were rocking this juice blend for a week or so..

During our excursion, we also hit up a little japanaese restaurant, Kyoto sushi where I had Tofu Ju.  I had no idea what it was but it came with salad and soup and when I told them we weren’t having soup they doubled our salads!  Amazing.  My food ended up being exactly what i wanted it to be, simple steamed tofu and veggies with soy sauce tightly packed in a box over rice.  Now i’m obsessed with this little bento and want one for myself.  Times like this have me seriously missing SF’s Japan town.


I also had to test out the slow cooker function on the rice cooker, I threw in a can of chipotle chilies, half a bag of trader joes red lentils, 4 chopped carrots, cumin seed and garlic.  I didn’t measure anything because I rarely do, nor did I bother photographing it afterwards because you can probably guess how it came out, like sludge.  Delicious sludge.


When I was in college I would always make some sort of sludgy variation for my meals (money was for beer and food had to last).  This usually ended up being either a savory oatmeal and veggie mix or lentil stew of some sort and my roommate at the time would always comment on how I was eating gruel again for dinner.  He refused to try it, along with most other vegetables.  Luckily his woman now has him eating plenty of yummy veg.  Good story? Thanks.

Anyywayy, we were treated to another beautiful January day in Santa Barbara and Jelly was treated to new toys/beds.  She loves packing materials (boxes, bags, plastic) so she was in heaven with all the stuff we brought home.

IMG_5442 IMG_5447

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